Paramount D-Ring Shackle (4.75 Ton) + Daystar D-ring Isolator - Pair - Universal

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2 X Paramount D-Ring Shackle (4.75 Ton), 2 X Daystar D-ring Isolator


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Paramount D-Ring

Universal Off Road™ D-Rings (51-0024) by Paramount Automotive®. Capacity 4.75 Ton. Tie off your recovery straps or tow cables the proper way, with a forged D-ring. It’s the best, safest way to pull on a vehicle.


  • Forged steel
  • Zinc-plated for corrosion resistance
  • Prevents damage to nylon recovery straps
  • Provides safest option for attaching
  • Sold as Pair

Recovering a stuck vehicle takes good gear and a knowledge base. It’s possible to severely damage a vehicle, and injure people by doing it wrong. The proper way to attach a tow line to a vehicle is to a D-ring bolted to a recovery lug mount designed to take the stress, or to a D-ring mount attached to the hitch receiver. A forged D-ring will allow you to pull from angles as much as 90° to the side without pinching or binding your cable or strap. Never put a winch hook through a nylon tow strap: always use one of these D-rings to spread the load out over the full width of the strap. These forged D-rings are zinc-plated to keep their sheen, even after living on your bumper for years out in the elements.

Daystar D-ring Isolator

The Daystar D-Ring Isolators install on any standard ¾" shackle. They simply snap into place and can be installed or removed in moments. Polyurethane acts as an isolator for the shackle and prevents the shackle from tapping against a bumper or any other recovery point when the vehicle is in motion. The Isolator also protects your bumper’s finish from scratches caused by D-Ring contact.


  • Prevents rattles
  • Prevents damage to the surface of anchor points/bumpers
  • Fits standard 3/4” D-rings or shackles
  • Durable Polyurethane Matreial
  • Black
  • Sold in pairs
  • Made In The USA

Universal Product